Our Deep Learning algorithm has the ability to divide an image into crops, weeds and soil. The vegetable plant (in orange) gets an additional protection zone (in blue), to prevent the leaves of the crop plant from being affected.

All row crops can be detected, but we need a sufficiently large data set for each one. Data set with images from the different growth phases and weather conditions.

Laser Treatment


Published on the 30.Weeding Conference in Braunschweig (2022)


Published on the 30.Weeding Conference in Braunschweig (2022)

The laser technology allows a biological treatment of the weeds without any chemicals! The plant is heated and dies in the following hours.The weeds are not pulled out and the soil is not disturbed. If the plant is wet, it needs a little extra energy but the effort is manageable. Together with Agroscope, we showed at the weed conference in Braunschweig at the beginning of 2022 that permanent removal is not a problem.

Our robot platform is completely electric and comes with its own charging station. The weight is deliberately kept low, the robot generates less compression per wheel than an adult human. This allows us to go back into the field early after rainfall.

The autonomous platform travels at low speed and does not pose any danger.


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